Shutterfest-3I’m just back from Shutterfest, and all I keep thinking is “Wow!”

Shutterfest is such an appropriate name, it is a festival of shutters falling.  I’ve been to just about every photography conference in the country, big ones, little ones I’ve done most of them and Shutterfest is a  photographer’s conference.  This is a conference for photographing and hands on learning, not just sitting and watching; it is for doing.

No one else puts on a conference like this in part because this is not easy to coordinate.  Outside of the dozens of classes (both classroom-style and hands-on), they had hundreds of models, professional make-up and hair, dresses to borrow and gear to borrow.  I have never seen so many people photographing in one place ever before.  And people were at it all day… and all night.  I left Thursday morning at 4am and there were still photographers in the lobby.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a speaker at Shutterfest 2015 and I look forward to doing this again.  My goal for the next few years is to help photographers become inclusive to same-sex couples and help them learn how-to best serve this emerging market.

We painted a rainbow all over Shutterfest with three classes on photographing same-sex couples.  That is by far, the most classes of gay marriage that any single photography conference has ever offered. And check out what people are saying:

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 9.17.36 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 9.19.16 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 9.19.56 AM Shutterfest 2015

It is amazing to be part of this movement!  I highly recommend Shutterfest to any wedding and portrait photographer of any level of experience, but don’t wait to register, because Shutterfest 2016 is going to sell out.

Take a little Capturing Love To Go!
Photographers, Open this link to download these photos and more right to your smart phone. It’s the perfect tool for photogs to use on the fly.

Shutterfest-2 AuthenticEyePhotography_0092 Shutterfest 2015 AuthenticEyePhotography_0083 AuthenticEyePhotography_0079 AuthenticEyePhotography_0077 AuthenticEyePhotography_0072 AuthenticEyePhotography_0066 AuthenticEyePhotography_0063 AuthenticEyePhotography_0062 AuthenticEyePhotography_0060 AuthenticEyePhotography_0056 AuthenticEyePhotography_0050 AuthenticEyePhotography_0037 Shutterfest2-1 Shutterfest-12 Shutterfest-11 Shutterfest-10