When I first started photographing same-sex weddings, my biggest struggle was in posing two brides or two grooms.  Many of my favorite couple poses just didn’t work for my same-sex couples.  Sometimes I found myself making my same-sex couples look like friends or siblings, perhaps because my only experience with posing two women or two men was in the case of siblings or friends.  Thankfully, no one has to flounder as I once did trying to capture the love of two brides or two grooms.

Here is my fail safe method for finding a way for all coupes to click into a perfect pose.

I think there are really only about four different ways to put two bodies together in a couple’s portrait: side to side, front to front, front to back and back to back.  WPPI2015 Now there are a ton of variations of those four combinations, but what I care about is finding out which combinations best suit my couples.  Two do that I run through each pose in column one and then each approach in column two.  I think of it like an algorithm.  Inevitably at some point in the process I recognize things clicking.  When my clients look natural and the authentic moments begin to shine, then I just keep working that angle.

Take a little Capturing Love To Go!
Photographers, Open this link to download these poses and more right to your smart phone. It’s the perfect tool for photogs to use on the fly.

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