Authors of first book on gay and lesbian wedding photography announce Photographer’s Ignite debut

(Washington, DC – August 27, 2013) Nationally recognized photographer and author, Thea Dodds, will present “The Art of Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography” on the Photographer’s Ignite live broadcast on the popular online education site CreativeLive on September 20, 2013 at 5pm PST.  Ms. Dodds is in the line-up with many distinguished photographers, including Sue Bryce and many others, for this world-wide, free broadcast.

Dodds’ book, Capturing Love, written with wedding innovator Kathryn Hamm, has garnered significant and positive reaction in the world of photography as well as with consumers and the media. The book offers a new appreciation of what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to creating spectacular engagement and wedding portraits for same-sex couples.  The special and limited edition hardcover of Capturing Love is only available on

About Photographer’s Ignite

An “ignite” is a style of rapid-fire presentation where participants are given five minutes to speak on a subject accompanied by 20 slides.  The first Ignite was held in 2006 in Seattle, Washington. In 2010, Kevin Kubota brought Photographers Ignite to thousands of photographers at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention. This is the first time Kubota’s Photographer’s Ignite will be broadcast live through CreativeLive.

Registration is free and required to watch the event:’s-photographers-ignite-2


About Thea Dodds

Thea Dodds is the founder of Authentic Eye Photography and is an award-winning wedding photographer. Her work has been featured in Newsweek, ABC News, CNN, the Huffington Post, National Public Radio. Thea can be found at

For press and other inquiries, please contact the authors, Thea Dodds & Kathryn Hamm.