Capturing Love at Shutterfest 2016

FullSizeRenderShutterfest is a conference unlike any other that I attend. It is a hands-on, skill-based, action-oriented conference. I love it… and it exhausts me! Check out the Instagram feed to see what I mean.

This year Shutterfest was both bigger and better. There were more attendees, more classes, more vendors.. and more mayhem (the good kind of course).

I was lucky enough to lead the only three classes on same-sex weddings. As I said to many of you,

I am on a mission to increase the representation of same-sex couples in our industry, and this week, we made a dent.

I continue to learn so much from Capturing Love and from the colleagues that attend my classes. I am genuinely moved to continue to receive emails like this:

I just wanted to tell you thank you for teaching such amazing classes. I really enjoyed learning from you. I feel like I learned more from your two classes than I did all of last year. I just wish I had taken you classes last year!

Thank you to everyone for being part of the Capturing Love conversation!


It was especially fun to have Canon giving us instant gratification in their mobile print unit.  You know you are at a photographer’s convention when the canon print truck is busier than the food trucks 🙂



Hope you all keep the conversation going in our Facebook group!  And I’ll see you next year!