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Press Archive 2015

July 2015

Washington Post. I’m Engaged To The Love of My Life! Here Are 100 Photos To Prove It!. (July 29, 2015).

February 2015

Kodak 1000 Words Blog. Guest Blogger, Thea Dodds on Posing Same-Sex Couples. (Feb 18, 2015).

Harlem World Magazine. Book Review: The New Art of Capturing Love (Feb. 15, 2015). Podcast. Thea Dodds: Marketing to Same-Sex Couples (Feb 11, 2015).


Press Archive 2014

October 2014

WGN Radio: After Hours with Rick Kolgan. Capturing Love with Kathryn Hamm (Oct 19, 2014).

Arlington Magazine (Nov/Dec 2014). Here Come The Brides. (October 15, 2014).

PhotoBiz Xposed. Thea Dodds – How To Book More Gay Wedding Photography Clients. (October 12, 2014).

September 2014

Rangefinder. Posing Same-Sex Couples Thoughtfully and Creatively. (September 18, 2014).

Blog Without A Topic. Review: The New Art of Capturing Love (5 of 5 stars). (September 10, 2014).

Scene4 Magazine. Visibles/Invisibles: Gay Pride Before the Hour and Right Now. (September 2014).

August 2014

Hey Bride! Podcast. – LGBT Planning Tool. (Aug 28, 2014).

An Inspired Affair. Marriage Equality for Oregon: An Interview with Same-Sex Wedding Author on Groundbreaking Book.  (August 21, 2014).

Windy City Times. Head Talks About New Book. (August 20, 2014).

San Francisco Chronicle. Three New Wedding Planning Books For Same-Sex Couples. (August 10, 2014).
chicago tribune logoChicago Tribune (Printers Row Review). [View PDF] ‘The New Art of Capturing Love’ Reinvents Wedding Photography For LGBT Couples. (August 1, 2014)


July 2014

Tagg Magazine. ‘The New Art of Capturing Love:’ How LGBTQ Couples Are Redefining The Wedding Industry. (July 16, 2014).

Epochalips. Book Review by Renate Stendhal. (July 24, 2014).

Click Magazine. Books We Love: The New Art of Capturing Love. (July / August 2014)

June 2014

MSNBC LogoMSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports. Book Report: The New Art of Capturing Love. (June 27, 2014). Capturing Love: Heartwarming Photos from Same-Sex Real Weddings. (June 27, 2014).

Vanity Fair, Italy. Scatti di matrimoni (LGBT). (June 26, 2014).

HRC Blog. Capturing Love: A New Lens On LGBT Weddings. (June 20, 2014).

Gay Destination Weddings Blog. The New Art of Capturing Love (June 11, 2014). #8 on the Hot List, a weekly Top 10 list of entertainment and event highlights. (June 6, 2014).

Behind The Shutter with Sal Cincotta. Episode 6: Same-sex marriage. (June 4, 2014).

Books & Books: Live-streamed event appeararance. (June 1, 2014).

May 2014

SLR Lounge. Gay Weddings On The Rise, Opens Up New Exciting Market For Photographers. (May 29, 2014).

Freedom To Marry. Two Texas Grooms Wed In New York. (May 2014)

Queerty. PHOTOS: Adorable Gay Wedding Photos That Will Make You Say “Awww!” (May 2014).

Capitol Romance. Book Review: The New Art of Capturing Love. (May 23, 2014).

PennLive: Patriot News. Gay Marriage In Pennsylvania and What It Means For The Wedding Industry and State’s Economy. (May 23, 2014).

Huffington Post Weddings. There’s An Art to Photographing Same-Sex Weddings and These Photogs Nailed It. (May 21, 2014)

Mother Jones. These Joyful Same-Sex Marriage Photos Show How Fabulously Normal It’s Become. (May 16, 2014)

Edge On The Net. The New Art of Capturing Love: The Essential Guide to Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography. (May 16, 2014)

BuzzFeed. Brides Seeing Brides For The First Time On Their Wedding Day. (May 15, 2014).

Wedding Planner Magazine. Is Your Business Gay-Friendly? (May 9, 2014).

PopSugar. Top 5 Myths About Same-Sex Wedding Photography. (May 6, 2014)

Broke Ass Bride. Ask Heather: A Same-Sex Couple Wants to Get Married, But They Live in Denver. (May 2, 2014)

Jet. A New Book for LGBT Wedding Photography. (May 2, 2014)

Buzzfeed. Thirteen Photographers On Their Favorite Same-Sex Weddings (May 2, 2014)

April 2014

Freedom to Marry. Celebrating Our Love in Atlanta. (April 20140

Illuminate: Tips, Tricks & Bright Ideas for the Wedding Professional. The New Art of Capturing Love: A Review. (April 28, 2014)

Huffington Post Live. Gay Couples Report Higher Levels of Happiness. (April 22, 2014)

Freedom To Marry (April 8, 2014). Q & A: Wedding Experts Discuss The Art and Impact of ‘Capturing Love’ Between Gay Couples

March 2014

Chicago Tribune. Planners meet demands of same-sex weddings. (March 25, 2014)

Publishers Weekly (March 24, 2014). Non-Fiction Book Review: The New Art of Capturing Love

Wedding Planner Magazine (Vol. 4, Issue 1). Landmark Cultural and Political Changes Lead to Emerging Market in Wedding Industry. (March 2014)


Press Archive 2013

January 2013

WeddingWire (January 16, 2013). Capturing Love: It’s not rocket science, but there is an art to it!

Greener Photography (January 16, 2013). Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography

Professional Photographer Magazine (January 16, 2013). Capturing Love Delivers Sage Same-Sex Wedding Photography Guidance

The Huffington Post (January 22, 2013). Capturing Love: It’s not rocket science, but there is an art to it!

14 Stories (January 22, 2013). Special Considerations When Photographing LGBT Weddings

Queerty (January 22, 2013). “Capturing Love” Between Same-Sex Couples On Their Wedding Day

Human Rights Campaign (January 24, 2013). Review: Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography

Lulu Press (January 24, 2013). Author Success Story

Baltimore Sun (January 29, 2013).  New photography guide focuses on same-sex couples

February 2013

SF Gate (February 6, 2013).  Authors of First Same-Sex Wedding Photography Guide Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a One-of-a-Kind Collection

Freedom to Marry (Feb 07, 2013). Five gorgeous photos that ‘Capture Love’ in new wedding photography book (February 13, 2013) ‘Capturing Love’: Gay Weddings Don’t Fit the Straight Mold

Yahoo News (February 13, 2013). Same-Sex Wedding Photos Don’t Fit Straight Mold

Equally Wed (February 14, 2013).  New Book Details the Fine Art of Gay and Lesbian Wedding Photography 

The Advocate (February 14 2013). The Right Way to Capture Love

Metro Weekly (February 14, 2013). Love’s Lens: Duo breaks new ground with photography guide for same-sex weddings

The Huffington Post (February 16, 2013). Top 5 Myths About Gay & Lesbian Wedding Photography

Marriage Equality (February 16, 2013). Marriage Equality Resources to Read & Watch

The L Stop (February 20, 2013). We Are Not Cookie Cutter Couples!

March 2013

SmugMug (March 4, 2013). Are All Weddings Created Equal?

4 Real Equality (March 8, 2013). Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography

Windy City Times (March 13, 2013). Cover Story. How to ‘capture’ the love: Book on wedding photography

Done Brilliantly (March 14, 2013). A Match Made in Virtual Heaven (March 15, 2013). Photographing same-sex weddings presents unique challenges

Nevada Public Radio – KNPR (March 15, 2013). Gay Wedding Photography

Sun Gazette (March 29, 2013). Book Highlights Joys, Challenges of Photographing Same-Sex Weddings

New Hampshire Public Radio (March 29, 2013). Capturing Love: N.H. Photographer Writes The Book On Same Sex Wedding Photography

Fox News Phoenix (March 30, 2013). Supreme Court to begin deciding gay marriage Tuesday

April 2013

Engagements 101 (April 1, 2013). Tips for a Successful Same-Sex Engagement Session

The Advocate (April 15, 2013). WATCH: A Gay Wedding Picture Is Worth 1,138 Rights

This Show is So Gay (April 18, 2013). Same-Sex Weddings Really are Different

May 2013

Publishers Marketplace (May 3, 2013). Deals

Dallas Voice (May 3, 2013). Weddings Through A New Lens

Tagg Magazine (May 3, 2013). Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography (May 17, 2013). How To Throw A Gay Wedding (Three new books inspire and guide)

Politics Is Sexy Spreecast (May 30, 2013). A discussion with Thea Dodds & Kathryn Hamm, authors of Capturing Love

June 2013

Rangefinder, June 2013 CoverRangefinder Magazine (June 2013). Creating A Balanced Brand

NPR’s Tell Me More (June 10, 2013). How To Photography Gay & Lesbian Weddings.

the knot (June 24, 2013). Gay Weddings From the knot.


July 2013

Washington Business Report (July 21, 2013). Featured entrepreneur, Kathryn Hamm.

August 2013

Wedding Pride (August 8, 2013). Book Review: Snap into reality.

Washingtonian Working Moms Magazine (Fall 2013 Premiere Issue). The Hot List.

September 2013

New York Times (September 14, 2013) Free to Marry, Not Bound by Ritual.