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Kodack 1000 Words

Kodak Alaris 1000 Words: Guest Blogger Thea Dodds

Guest blogger, Thea Dodds, blogs for Kodak about her forthcoming appearance at WPPI 2015 and how important it is for photographers to consider posing techniques when working with same-sex couples.

Harlem World Magazine

Harlem World Magazine: Book Review

February 15, 2015 Harlem World Magazine The New Art of Capturing Love Book Review     Excerpt: “Comfort levels are also addressed throughout the guide, encouraging photographers to be sensitive in nature to the nuances of LGBTQ relationships. These nuances don’t solely include sexual orientation, but broadly covers ethnicity, family background and age. This guide Thea Dodds – Marketing To Same-Sex Couples

Thea Dodds shares business and marketing tips for working with and photographing same-sex couples on their wedding days.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon: The New Art of Capturing Love — Book Review

Wedding market expert Andy Ebon reviews The New Art of Capturing Love — calling it “far more all-encompassing” than a book solely concerned with wedding photography.

The Huffington Post: Redefining Wedding Traditions? Yes. Redefining Marriage? No.

Kathryn Hamm reflects on how same-sex couples are redefining wedding traditions, but not necessarily ‘redefining marriage’ as anti-gay marriage activists might suggest.

Voice of Chicago

WGN Radio: Capturing Love with Kathryn Hamm

Kathryn Hamm talks with Chicago journalist Rick Kolgan on WGN Radio.

Arlington Magazine (Nov/Dec 2014)

Arlington Magazine: Here Come The Brides

Nov/Dec 2014 Arlington Magazine Here Come The Brides: An Interview with Kathryn Hamm

PhotoBiz Exposed

PhotoBiz Xposed: Thea Dodds on Booking More Gay Wedding Clients

Co-author Thea Dodds on how to book more same-sex wedding clients via the PhotoBiz Exposed podcast.

Huffington Post Gay Voices: The Joys of Being Gay Then And Today

Renate Stendhal reviews two books of photographs reflecting “a new vision of gay life, one looking forward, the other back. Both boggle the mind with what they reveal about the changing comédie humaine of gender and same-sex love.”

Rangefinder Cover - Sept 2014

Rangefinder: Posing Same-Sex Couples Thoughtfully & Creatively

Photographer Thea Dodds and LGBT wedding expert Kathryn Hamm on best practices to consider when posing same-sex couples.

Scene4 Magazine

Scene4 Magazine: Visibles/Invisibles

Renate Stendhal reviews two books of photographs “reflect(ing) a new vision of gay life, one looking forward, the other back. Both boggle the mind with what they reveal about the changing “comédie humaine” of gender and same-sex love.”

hey bride podcast

Hey Bride! Podcast with Kathryn Hamm

Catch Kathryn Hamm, president of discussing the same-sex wedding market, its trends and her new book (co-authored by Thea Dodds), The New Art of Capturing Love.

Windy City Media Group

Windy City Times: Head Talks About New Book

Kathryn Hamm talks about her new book, co-authored by Thea Dodds, in Chicago at WeddingWire World, a private event hosted by Christie Hefner, and at a community event, hosted by The Guesthouse Hotel.

San Francisco Chronicle: Three New Wedding Planning Books For Same-Sex Couples

“Capturing Love” is a great resource for same-sex couples trying to navigate the photography scheme for their celebrations — or what can be the more sensitive terrain of family dynamics and acceptance.

Tagg Magazine: How LGBTQ Couples Are Redefining The Wedding Industry

Tagg Magazine ‘The New Art of Capturing Love’: How LGBTQ Couples Are Redefining The Wedding Industry July 16, 2014

chicago tribune logo

Chicago Tribune: ‘New Art of Capturing Love’ Reinvents Wedding Photography for LGBT Couples

Printers Row Review ‘The New Art of Capturing Love’ Reinvents Wedding Photography For LGBT Couples View PDF of review August 1, 2014

Epochalips: ‘Great New Book’

   July  24, 2014 Epochalips The New Art of Capturing Love: Review by Renate Stendhal

CLICK Magazine

Click Magazine: Books We Love

    July / Aug 2014 Click Magazine Books We Love


MSNBC: Andrea Mitchell Reports

June 27, 2014 Andrea Mitchell Reports Book Report: The New Art of Capturing Love

Brides Magazine Capturing Love

June 27, 2014 Capturing Love: Heartwarming Photos from Same-Sex Real Weddings

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair, Italy: Scatti di matrimoni (LGBT)

June 26, 2014 Vanity Fair Italy Scatti di matrimoni (LGBT)

gay destination weddings

Gay Destination Weddings: Marriage Material, The New Art of Capturing Love

June 11, 2014 Gay Destination Weddings Blog Marriage Material: The New Art of Capturing Love

Advocate: Capturing Love Makes The Hot List! Hot List Top 10 Entertainment & Event Highlights — Week of June 6, 2014 June 6, 2014

Mother Jones

Mother Jones: These Joyful Same-Sex Marriage Photos Show How Fabulously Normal It’s Become

May 16, 2014 Mother Jones These Joyful Same-Sex Marriage Photos Show How Fabulously Normal It’s Become The very existence of the “essential guide to lesbian & gay wedding photography” speaks volumes  


POPSUGAR: How same-sex wedding photography is different

POPSUGAR reprints our Top 5 Myths About Same-Sex Wedding Photography from The New Art of Capturing Love.

Buzzfeed: Capturing Love Contributors On Favorite LGBT Weddings

May 2, 2014 Buzzfeed 13 Photographers on Their Favorite Same-Sex Weddings

jet - tying the knot

Jet Magazine

All wedding photography is not created equally, especially when it comes to LGBT couples. You may think that shooting gay and lesbian couples would be the same as shooting heterosexual couples…but it’s not.

The Week

The Week

Thea Dodds responds to Matt Lewis’ post in The Week, sharing her thoughts on why art is not justification for discrimination.

Huffington Post Live

A National Institutes of Health study suggests that same-sex couples are happier in their marriages. A panel discusses these findings and how sexuality can influence the marital dynamic.

Freedom To Marry

April 8, 2014 Freedom to Marry Blog Q&A: Wedding experts discuss the art and impact of ‘Capturing Love’ between same-sex couples

publisher's weekly logo

Publisher’s Weekly

March 25, 2014 Publishers Weekly Nonfiction Book Review: The New Art of Capturing  Love

Huffington Post UK

March 26, 2014 Huffington Post United Kingdom Gay Marriage Becomes Legal

chicago tribune logo

Chicago Tribune

March 25, 2014 Chicago Tribune Planners meet demands of same-sex weddings

Wedding Planner Magazine

Wedding Planner Magazine

Wedding Planner Magazine March 2014 Vol. 4, Issue 1

Rangefinder Magazine

February 11, 2014 Rangefinder Also On Our Radar. “The New Art of Capturing Love will offer twice as much content as its original while staying true to the authors’ warm and engaging written and visual style.”  RF

Photography Tricks

February 14, 2014 Photography Tricks Photo Story: Thea Dodds on her Image of Brides on a Red Pickup

Professional Photographer Magazine

February 2014 Professional Photographer Magazine Equal Opportunity

Business Insider

February 3, 2014 Business InterviewsKathryn Hamm  

New York Times

September 14, 2013 New York Times Free to Marry, Not Bound by Ritual

ABC News

February 13, 2013 ABC News Capturing Love: Gay Weddings Don’t Fit Straight Mold

Kathryn Hamm Interviewed on WJLA’s Washington Business Report

On Sunday, July 21, 2013, WJLA’s Washington Business Report host Rebecca Cooper interviews Kathryn Hamm, President of, whose company is based in the Washington area, but serves as a nationwide resource to wedding event vendors and same-sex couples. In the segment, Kathryn discusses her new book, Capturing Love, and her experience of growing the

Nevada Public Radio

March 15, 2013
Gay Wedding Photography


March 15, 2013 CNN Photographing Same-Sex Weddings Presents Unique Challenges

Two Bright Lights

March 14, 2013 Two Bright Lights: Done Brilliantly A Match Made In Virtual Heaven

SmugMug Podcast

March 4, 2013 SmugMug Blog & Podcast Are All Weddings Created Equal?

Freedom To Marry

Feb. 7, 2013 Freedom to Marry Five gorgeous photos that ‘Capture Love’ in new wedding photography book

Lulu Blog

Jan. 24, 2013 Lulu Blog – Author Success Stories Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography

Huffington Post

Jan. 22, 2013 The Huffington Post Capturing Love: It’s Not Rocket Science, But There Is An Art To It

Professional Photographer Magazine

Jan. 16, 2013 Professional Photographer Magazine Capturing Love Delivers Sage Same-Sex Photography Advice