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Posing Sex-Same CouplesWith expectations running high that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of marriage equality by the end of its term in June 2015, wedding photographers and other professionals must prepare themselves to embrace and serve well this emerging clientele. Until recently, wedding poses have been almost exclusively geared toward serving a man and a woman, overlooking completely the needs of a same-sex or genderqueer couple. And, while certain basic techniques do apply, posing two brides or two grooms is often different from posing a bride and groom—what works for Jack and Jill won’t necessarily work for Jack and Michael, nor for Jill and Louise.

During this master’s class, photographer Thea Dodds, the co-author of groundbreaking new book, The New Art of Capturing Love: The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography, will share tips, techniques and hands-on skills for posing two grooms and two brides, with the help of real same-sex couples who will participate in a live demonstration.