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A Vermont Wedding

Kirsten and Emily are featured in our first book, Capturing Love. And, we’ll have even more to show and say about their wedding in our upcoming release, The New Art of Capturing Love. Here’s their story, as originally published on If this beautiful wedding story of Emily and Kristen doesn’t bring out the romantic


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Posing Two Brides or Two Grooms

When I first started photographing same-sex weddings, my biggest struggle was in posing two brides or two grooms.  Many of my favorite couple poses just didn’t work for my same-sex couples.  Sometimes I found myself making my same-sex couples look like friends or siblings, perhaps because my only experience with posing two women or two

Boosk & Books Livestream

Hamm Presents Differences To Consider In Gay Wedding Photography

Kathryn Hamm spoke at Books & Books in Coral Gables, FL. Watch her talk from the livestreamed discussion.

Straight Photographer Sees Wedding Photography In A Whole New Light

Author and photographer Thea Dodds shares some insights that surprised her about the influence of gender in wedding photography.

Photographing Gay Couples, Posing Two Men With Expressive Connection

Thea Dodds reflection on language and the taboo of men in expressive poses vis a vis the book, “Dear Friends: American Photographs of Men Together (1840-1918)” by David Deithcher.

Jennifer Corbin Photography

Telling The Story By It’s Parts

Generally speaking, interesting photographs hint to a story out of the frame, which allows the viewer to fill in the blanks.


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